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Kahlil Crawford Web Consultant

Kahlil bases his freelancing upon the punk rock "DIY" aesthetic, trying to help people in his own way.

What’s your background and what type of services do you offer to clients?

My formal educational background is in Psychology. I trained as a Clinical Psychologist for over two years before turning to visual art. My first venture was a fine art consultancy called ‘Spacejest’ - this was pre-Web 2.0, so all “social networking” was done via e-mail and Craigslist.

Spacejest helped open me up to international business opportunities, so I became a Traveling Consultant and worked across the U.S. & Quebec.

In 2008, I began to design Facebook apps & monetize blogs; and in the corporate sector, I often found myself helping technically-challenged officemates - this revealed my purpose in Tech.

What motivated you to start your freelance career?

My freelancing is based upon the punk rock “DIY” aesthetic. Most punks are self-sufficient, and freelancing allows me the freedom to help people MY way. The goal is to help empower others to do the same.

What type of projects do you take on currently?

Executive-level projects within the luxury sector.

Who’s your ideal client and what’s your ideal project?

I prefer creative, early-stage startups committed to disruptive innovation.

What’s been your most successful project to date?

Consulting the Yahoo! Development Network, which validated and legitimized me as a Consultant; thus committing me to this field.

How do you grade your success? What metrics do you use to determine whether or not you’ve been successful (revenue, free time, ability to travel, etc.)?

My success is my prosperity - measured in multiplicity, and accentuated with fresh ideas and endeavors.

What can you tell us about finding clients?

I’m no salesman, so my advice is to share as much as you can with others.

What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced while growing your business?

My biggest challenge has always been “staying put”. Freelancing opens you up to Earth’s infinite possibilities, so its hard to rationalize stagnancy.

What advice would you offer other freelancers that are just starting out? Any online resources/services/apps/tools, books, or courses you would recommend?

I could give you a boatload of resources flooding the market, but I recommend being authentic and avoiding trends.

We all have something uniquely special to offer the planet - soul-search to discover what that is, then give it freely. You will be rewarded one way or another - I believe I am a healthier being for freelancing.

Where can we go to find out more about you and your business?

Portfolio: prezdigit.us/portfolio Email: kahlilfx@gmail.com